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About This Project

This website project started when a curious 4 year old boy asked what was written on the graves he passed every day on his way to school. Peering at different angles to read the weather worn lettering I managed to pick out a few words, the odd phrase, date or name. Determined to answer his question and my interest piqued, I decided to identify who these people were - after all, they were once much loved and probably had ancestors out there who would love to know where they were and what had been written about them.

As the amount of information grew, I began to think about how I could let people get easy access to it. Thus the website idea was born.

Through Sophia Wren, who has one of those hard to decipher stones in the graveyard, I found two more local history enthusiasts who had compiled an amazing piece of work on Highfield School (where Sophia had worked). I am very grateful for their support, enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of this.

I'd also like thank my husband, without whom I wouldn't have a website - or the time to put anything on it.

I'm happy to field questions about the memorials, graves or churchyard - things I may be able to look up, but you are to far away. I can also supply the high resolution photographs I took to carry out the transcriptions, just see the ordering page. If you have a specific query relating to any of the work we have carried out, please don't hesitate to use the contact form on this site.

I'm also very happy to be contacted by others with a similar interest and other local historians who may be looking for somewhere to publish or publicise their works.

Kind Regards,