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Church Organ


The organ was given to the Church, in 1847, by Rev.d Thomas McCalmont. There is a brass plaque which shows: - ‘This organ is presented by a clergyman in the hope that it will aid in promoting congregational psalmody A.D. MD CCC XLVII. This first incarnation had a barrel action facility for mechanical playing (similar to a pianola) for when there was no organist. At this time the organ was in an alcove in the (then) North Wall, opposite the west wall.

When the north aisle was built in 1856 the organ was moved to the west wall.

In 1868 the barrel action was removed when the organ was enlarged and moved under the Tower.

Ten years later, in 1878, the chancel was enlarged and the organ was placed on the north side of the new chancel.

In 1927 major repairs and modification, including electrification, were carried out, and the organ was moved again, to the current position. It is to presumably pay for this upgrading that funds were raised (See Organ Fund 1927-1929).