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Highfield casualties in World War 2

In this part of the project we researched those lost by the parish in World War 2.

We have researched the names on the Highfield Church War Memorial, names which appeared in (some of ) the Parish Newsletters of the time and those that appeared on the Roll of Honour read by Highfield Church on each Remembrance Sunday (this was a manual list and seems to have been collected over an extended period of time and appears to also include loved ones lost by parishioners who moved to the area after the war).

Although we may not have included everyone from the parish who laid down their life, we believe we have captured most of those with a link to the church, or those whose families and friends wanted them to be specifically remembered by Highfield Church. If you know of others you feel should be remembered here please let us know.

There are a few names for whom we were unable to establish connections with Highfield, or even whether they were World War 1 or 2 casualties, if you can help then we would be pleased to hear from you. The personal information has been gathered from many sources and we apologise if errors have crept in, any additions or corrections would be gratefully received.