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Highfield Church old images

Below are old pictures of the church kindly provided by Highfield Church. Follow the yellow link (left) for more photographs.

Highfield Church drawing

South East View of Christ Church, Portswood, Southampton.

This picture was produced by the architects of the church, R & J.A. Brandon of Beaufort Buildings, Strand.

Old view of Highfield Church

View of Highfield Church from the south east - unknown date

This painting shows Highfield as the rural hamlet it once was. The large, chimneyed building visible to the rear of the church is probably the original vicarage built in 1852 (this building can now be found on Cranford Way).

Highfield Church 1894

Sketch of the church from the lane behind the church - 1894

The view is probably from somewhere on Portswood Back Lane (now Church Lane).

Highfield Church

View of Highfield Church from the south west - unknown date

This painting is odd as it shows the wall around the churchyard but not north extension to the church which was built before it. The wall was completed in 1899, the extension was completed in 1876.