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1927-29 Organ Fund

We have recently been given the ‘Highfield Church Organ Fund’ Accounts Book. The original will be kept with other Church Records at the Archives at the Southampton Central Library. Many thanks to the Hammond family for returning it to us.

In 1927 major repairs and modification, including electrification, were carried out, and the organ was moved again, to the current position. It is to presumably pay for this upgrading that these funds were raised.

The accounts show that a total of £1299 16s 7d was raised between September 1927 and March 1929. Donations were received from the individuals listed below. The ledger records that were some small costs related to this fundraising; postage, leaflets, receipt books. Additionally, further costs were incurred staging special events, a garden fete, organ recitals, bridge and whist drives etc.

Please note donations were made over an 18month period -so some individuals made more than one donation and therefore appear more than once in the lists below.....

The three main payments (March 1928 - £757.10s; Sept 1928 - £378.15s and March 1929 £378.15s ) were all to James Ivimey – (1925 Kelly’s directory show a James Frederick Ivimey, organ Builder Up. Banister .St..- there’s also a teacher of music in Bugle St....); For many years the organ continued to be maintained by Messrs Ivimey and Cooper, both of whom were members of the choir.