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Highfield School 1939-1997

A big thank you to J.I.W. for writing this brief history of the school. A fuller version of the school history, along with more information about the people, pictures and a lot more beside, can be found in the excellent book 'Diary of a School – Highfield 1849- 2009' , Compiled by Jo Ladkin and Isobel White.

School evacuated to rural areas of Hampshire
School became a report centre

School to re-open Monday next for part-time education
Fulltime school resumes

School bomb damaged – part time schooling until March 13
Heat and electric light installed in playground air raid shelter

School remained open throughout the holidays – a success

Start of Meals at School Scheme (5d each), Institute Hall rented for 10/- wk

School damaged by blast effect
Fire in the staff room, caused by gas-ring blow back

The Institute Reading Room is now a temporary infant classroom
All scholars aged over 11 on August 31st transferred to secondary schools. Institute room no longer needed for infants.

Staff move desks and equipment to institute which is again to house an infant classroom

Infants to be taught in classes of 24, additional staff recruited. The Scout Hut at the rear of the Institute is rented to be used as a class space.
One of the Huts on the Common becomes a classroom
Due to lack of toilets facilities at the hut on Common no further huts to be taken over, but a hut to be erected at the Institute

Another hut has been prepared on the Common.

The school is now on the telephone

Another hut on the Common has been prepared: (one infant class at the institute, 3 infant classes in the school, 3 juniors on the Common and 2 juniors in the school)

Repairs to roof and flooring cause two classes to be moved to the institute

Standard 1 were moved to the ‘assembly hut’ on the Common to allow classrooms to be decorated one at a time at the school
The school awarded Grant Aided Status

Fire in the school office, it is assumed it was started deliberately. An office is created in the Institute.

The Headmistress & Secretary return to the main school building

New premises in Hawthorn Rd opened, Juniors leave Church Lane and the Institute, Infants remain at the Hut so Church Lane can be refurbished
The Huts were ‘evacuated’ and the children moved back to Church Lane

Serving of hot meals begin - the new music room-cum-scullery is completed. There is no school hall so meals are in the 4 teaching areas.

Visitors to see new part-fold doors and the middle dept hall/gym extension

Central heating repair in hall requires concrete floor to be renewed – hall out of action until January 26th

Work begins on landscaping middle school playground

TV stolen from classroom in the Church Centre
‘Cottage’ officially opened (the old headteachers/vergers cottage taken over by First Department to provide extra accommodation and facilities)

School admissions and class size reduced from 36 to 35.

The First & Middle School becomes a Primary school, four year olds are admitted. The Church want their room in the Institute back, a new reception playground and classrooms are built.
SATS testing introduced

OFSTED inspections begin